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🔑Kingdom Keys from the Sweet Psalmist of Israel

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

Last night in Week 2 of The Psalms Study, we began to dig deep into the life of David, the "sweet psalmist of Israel." (II Samuel 23:1)

In studying his life, his priorities, his actions, and even his flaws, the power of God over David's life is so clearly evident.

Bottom line, David is described as a man after God's own heart. (Acts 13:22).

What does it mean to be a man after God's own heart?

It's someone who knows the desires of God’s heart and carries out His will.


How did David receive THE revelation of God’s heart?


And these days and nights that David spent before the LORD from an early age, prepared David for the assignments, trials, and persecutions that would soon come.

This history of knowing with great confidence WHO GOD IS was helpful when the crowds cheered his name and David gave God all the glory for his successes, and what caused David to run barefoot and in tears to...

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UPDATE: The Workshop Will Now Include Recap Video & Downloads in One Place!

I heard you.

You'd like to be able to participate in our online Bible study series on your own time and have everything in one spot.

So from now on, starting with The Psalms Study, The Workshop Online Learning Portal will not only have all of the weekly PDF downloads but also the weekly recap video from the Wednesday Facebook LIVE!

Each class will be loaded in its own lesson and you can even add comments or ask questions on the same page.

Not only will this all load perfectly for you on a desktop computer or laptop, The Workshop is MOBILE FRIENDLY for on-the-go learning!

Go ahead and create a login right now and get the most out of The Workshop!


Already a member? Login today and checkout the update!

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Come, let us worship and bow down!

praise psalms worship Nov 11, 2022

"Oh come, let us worship and bow down; Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker." Psalms 95:6

In this one verse, there are 3 unique Hebrew words used to describe this invitation to worship the LORD our Maker.

worship = shâchâh = to depress, to bow down, or to fall down flat.
bow down = kâraʻ = to bend the knee; to sink, to prostrate
kneel = bârak = to bless God; to bow down and kneel in humble reverence

This verse alone is a picture of humility before Yahweh.

It is meant to inspire us as worshipers to bring ourselves low before God, not just physically bowing down but humbling ourselves before Him.

Bending down shows reverence, expresses honor, submission, and allegiance to His high authority.

We bow down because there is no greater or more powerful being and He is worthy of our complete surrender.

So come, let us worship and bow down; Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker! 

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New Online Bible Study Series: THE PSALMS - Unlocking the Power with Prayer & Praise


Bring about permanent and radical change to your life and daily worship through an intimate, personal relationship with God.

Since they were written, the Psalms have been a powerful source of personal inspiration and spiritual strength.

When we lack the words to say, we can often open up to the Psalms and find that the psalmists seem to relate very well to our emotional pleas and deepest thoughts. 

When we apply a psalm to our lives, often it becomes the first step towards our own deliverance. 

A song of deliverance from the Psalms can bring words that are like honey to our souls. The Holy Spirit inspired words bring comfort, strength, healing, and remind us to keep our eyes up toward our Creator. 

Let's unlock together the Holy Spirit's power through prayer and praise, by studying:

  • each of the 5 unique collections that make up The Psalms,
  • the anointed songwriters who wrote them
  • the common...
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Introducing: praisekids - RAISING UP WORSHIP WARRIORS!

Did you hear the news?



The Lord has been leading me to ignite a sub-ministry of the Soul of Worship Ministry that focuses on educating our young ones to know who they are, whom they belong to, and the power in their sound!

And now the first of many releases for our praisekids: RAISING UP WORSHIP WARRIORS line of educational resources is here and ready for you!

Explore the Fall Season through the lens of worship to God, praise, thankfulness, and gratitude in the praisekids: Raising Up Worship Warriors Fall Mini Unit.

With a focus on 3 memory verses for each month of the season, the whole family can meditate on what it means to praise God and be thankful for this special season of change through copy work, activity pages, and beautifully designed digital art prints that you can display around your home.

This 15 page printable download is perfect for any parent looking to add some meaningful activities to their child's day,...

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Who is ready for MORE?!

worship rally Jun 23, 2022

Let's MAKE A SOUND once again at ECHO LAKE PARK on SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 2022 from 12pm - 4pm for our next WORSHIP & PRAYER RALLY!

Every time we gather as ONE BODY to worship the ONE TRUE GOD, He releases His love, power, healing, peace, joy, freedom, and salvation among our community!

SAVE THE DATE and LET'S UNITE to PROVOKE the heavens to pour out the mighty glory of God over this region.



*All local churches & ministries are welcome to be part of the program or have a community table*


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Are you allowing your testimony to be heard?

sing a new song worship Jun 10, 2022

Are you allowing your testimony to be heard?

A lot of the time, the enemy tries to put shame on our hearts and make us want to suffer in silence or not be transparent about the things we’ve gone through or places where God has pulled us out of.

But let us be like David - he was honest and transparent about all of his flaws, emotional stresses, and about his sin.

Yet, David always turned to God.

David sought God as the only solution, every single time.

And every single time, God delivered him!

And after every single deliverance, David released a new song.

Those songs are still testimonies that YOU AND I rely on to encourage us to keep pushing forward in the name of Jesus.

THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING of what we are going to be covering in the free virtual class I am hosting on Tuesday, June 14th at 8pm ET: SING A NEW SONG!

Learn how to release and offer to God the authentic worship that only you can bring, and perfume His throne with your unique song of praise.

Register here and...

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Cover those Irritants with Praise - Video Clip

How do pearls form?

The creation of a pearl is the result of a biological process. It is the oyster’s way of protecting itself from foreign substances. When something foreign slips into the oyster, it is immediately irritated. The oyster’s natural reaction is to cover up the irritant to protect itself. It covers the irritant over and over again until it eventually forms a pearl.

When an “irritant” enters our lives, we can either allow it to harm us, or we can cover it with praise as a form of defense.

We can say to that irritant, “You have come to try to steal my joy, but I know that the joy of the Lord is my strength. So, I will praise God anyway with joyful lips, and by His supernatural strength, you will have no effect on me!”

As we continue to cover that irritant with praise, it becomes a pearl, a precious gemstone of testimony.

In Week 9 of the WORSHIP: Are You Making a Sound? 12 Week Bible Study, we talk about how WORSHIP is a gateway...

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WORSHIP Prepares the Heart to Hear - Video Clip

We have all experienced the calming effects of a good song.

Whether it is your favorite song coming on the radio after a tough day at work, or watching a mother sing a soft lullaby to calm her baby to sleep, we have seen and experienced how music has the power to pacify and soothe a troubled spirit.

Do you think this is just a coincidence?
The Maker of all things certainly knew what He was doing when He gave musical sounds the ability to turn the soul from distress to the harmony of peace and love.

In the same way, our worship and praise have the power to soothe our aching souls and to clear our hearts and minds from all of the clutter and noise.

In Week 10 of the WORSHIP: Are You Making a Sound? 12 Week Bible Study, we talk about exactly this topic and how worship prepares our heart to hear clearly from the Father. 

This 12 Week Bible Study on the power of worship and praise is now available as an online course! Watch this clip below from Week 10: Worship Prepares the Heart to...

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[PODCAST] Are You Battle Ready? Part IV

ephesians podcast Feb 25, 2022

PODCAST EPISODE: Are You Battle Ready? Part 4 - LISTEN BELOW! 


For the first two weeks of this study, we reminded ourselves of our POSITION as believers in Christ.

Last week, we focused on what it means to "walk worthy of the calling" and all of the practical ways in which we can live triumphant lives guided by the Holy Spirit.

Ephesians 6 opens up with additional guidance on how to live Spirit-filled lives in the following relationships:

  • Children & Parents
  • Bondservants & Masters (Employees & Employers)

Then it will be time to armor up with the whole armor of God!

We are going to analyze each piece of the armor and how to use the whole armor of God most effectively.

The Purpose of Spiritual Warfare

We are to be prepared to engage in spiritual warfare as believers in Christ. Why?

  • To release the power and victory of Jesus
  • To push back the darkness
  • To empower us and embolden us to SPEAK!
  • That we may open up our mouths boldly and...
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