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Introducing: praisekids - RAISING UP WORSHIP WARRIORS!

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The Lord has been leading me to ignite a sub-ministry of the Soul of Worship Ministry that focuses on educating our young ones to know who they are, whom they belong to, and the power in their sound!

And now the first of many releases for our praisekids: RAISING UP WORSHIP WARRIORS line of educational resources is here and ready for you!

Explore the Fall Season through the lens of worship to God, praise, thankfulness, and gratitude in the praisekids: Raising Up Worship Warriors Fall Mini Unit.

With a focus on 3 memory verses for each month of the season, the whole family can meditate on what it means to praise God and be thankful for this special season of change through copy work, activity pages, and beautifully designed digital art prints that you can display around your home.

This 15 page printable download is perfect for any parent looking to add some meaningful activities to their child's day,...

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In this free Worship & Praise Bible study bundle, you'll receive a beautifully designed 9 page PDF that outlines three incredibly powerful worship concepts: Use Your Voice as a Trumpet Sound, Lift Up Your Hands in Victory, and the Sacrifice of Thanksgiving. 

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