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Worship Wednesdays #7 - What I'm Listening to Now


This series is an invitation to take 15-20 minutes out of your day to simply come before the LORD in authentic and simple worship and praise.
You can expect for me to share a song (or two!) that has been ministering to my soul, along with Bible verses to support the message of the song, and a few encouraging words.

So clear off your schedule for the next 20 minutes, put aside any fears or worries, and step into the Presence of God with me.

Worship Wednesdays #7 - What I'm Listening to Now

Today's Worship Wednesday post is a little bit different! 

Lately, my heart has been so focused on praying and worshiping for revival in our homes, families, and communities. 

Because of that, I am being drawn to music that declares the miraculous power of God. I believe that if we all worship together and truly believe the words of the songs that we sing, we can see real, life-transforming revival today.

So here are some of my favorite songs right now! I...

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