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[PODCAST] Season 3 Episode 3: Make a Positive Generational Impact

Feb 17, 2021

Welcome to Season 3 of the Soul of Worship: Are You Making a Sound? Podcast!

This season we are walking through The Power of the Tongue Online Bible Study Series.

Episode 3: Make a Positive Generational Impact - LISTEN NOW!

God always thinks in terms of generations.

From the beginning of time, He has had the long term view in perfect focus.

Our All-Knowing God weaves together the story of several generations for His greater purpose. Every promise that God has made to Abraham, to Noah, to David, to anyone has been a covenant between Him and that person and their descendants.

To maintain access to those generational blessings and promises, our great responsibility is to see that our children know about God and His power.

God’s intention is that we teach the new generation how to speak with wisdom, pray continuously, worship with power, search the Word for truth, obey and trust in God, and above all love how God loves us.

In The Power of the Tongue Online Bible Study series, we will be diving deep into Scripture to study why our words matter. We will explore what kind of fruit we are bearing with our verbal expression, how our words can either speak life or death into our lives, the generational impact our speech will have on our families, and when it is better to just be silent. 


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