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[PODCAST] Season 3 Episode 1: What Kind of Fruit Are You Bearing?

Feb 03, 2021

New Season of the Soul of Worship Podcast is Here! ðŸŽ‰ðŸŽ‰ðŸŽ‰


WEEK 1: What Kind of Fruit Are You Bearing? - LISTEN NOW!

Did you know that on average we speak about 16,000 words per day?

That’s a lot!

Each of those words that we utter, whether intentional or not, make an incredible impact to our atmosphere and the people around us.

Are we using our speech to cultivate a positive, uplifting, encouraging environment or is our speech filling our surroundings with negativity and criticism?

Do the words that flow from our mouths immediately identify us as children of God?

Are we representing Jesus well in how we express our joys and frustrations?

 In The Power of the Tongue Online Bible Study series, we will be diving deep into Scripture to study why our words matter.

We will explore what kind of fruit we are bearing with our verbal expression, how our words can either speak life or death into our lives, the generational impact our speech will have on our families, and when it is better to just be silent.

In today's episode, we are going to hear first directly from Jesus Christ in Matthew 12:33-37 and reflect on the question:

What Kind of Fruit Are You Bearing?



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