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4th MAKE A SOUND Worship & Prayer Rally! OCTOBER 17, 2020

Oct 07, 2020

The Soul of Worship Ministry is thrilled to announce that our next MAKE A SOUND Worship & Prayer Rally is right around the corner on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2020!

Wait...didn't you just have a rally?

Why, yes we did!

Together with local churches, families, and friends we gathered to worship and pray to God to revive our communities with love, peace, and unity on September 26, 2020!

Our mission is to empower this generation to release an authentic sound of worship that moves mountains and brings Heaven down! 

But we know this isn't just a one and done thing. This is not simply something we wanted to check off of our to-do list.

THIS IS A WORSHIP & PRAYER MOVEMENT that God wants us to continue to work and release into our community.

Watch the beautiful outpouring of the Holy Spirit that we experienced just last week! Every time I see these pictures and video, I can feel the overwhelmingly beautiful presence of God all over again!

Moving, right?

Let's continue to MAKE A SOUND together! If you've never been to a Soul of Worship Rally, mark your calendars now and make the decision to join us for the next one:

Worship & Prayer Rally
Saturday, October 17
12pm - 4pm

5206 Milford Rd
East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

For more information: www.soulofworship.com/worshiprally

To support the Soul of Worship Ministry: www.soulofworship.com/store

To learn more about the WORSHIP: Are You Making a Sound? Bible Study book: www.soulofworship.com/book

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