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FB LIVE Bible Study Replay - January 6, 2021

Jan 07, 2021

Did you miss Monday night's study?
New in 2021, every Wednesday afternoon at 4pm ET, I will be going LIVE on the Soul of Worship Ministry Facebook Page to do a full recap of that week's online Bible study!

If you missed both, you can watch the Facebook LIVE video here!



I did start off with a prayer over our nation since the timing of yesterday's live was shortly after things began getting chaotic at the US Capitol. 

I believe our role as believers is to proclaim the PEACE of Jesus Christ at all times. The authority of peace that Jesus gives us is the authority over all chaos. 

May we continue to pray for peace and pray for our leaders, every day and no matter who is in office. 

With that aside, dive deep into John Chapter 1 with me and receive a greater understanding of the following main topics:

  • Jesus is the Eternal Word
  • Jesus is the Light
  • Receive & Believe = Supernatural Rebirth as Children of God
  • Jesus The Word Becomes Flesh
  • Grace upon Grace
  • A Voice in the Wilderness
  • Preparing the Way
  • Behold! The Lamb of God Declaration
  • The First Disciples
  • What Do You Seek?
  • Come and See
  • Greater Evidence is Coming
  • Jesus is the Ladder / Bridge that Connects Earth to an Open Heaven! 

Watch and let me know what you've learned!

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