🔑Kingdom Keys from the Sweet Psalmist of Israel

Nov 22, 2022

Last night in Week 2 of The Psalms Study, we began to dig deep into the life of David, the "sweet psalmist of Israel." (II Samuel 23:1)

In studying his life, his priorities, his actions, and even his flaws, the power of God over David's life is so clearly evident.

Bottom line, David is described as a man after God's own heart. (Acts 13:22).

What does it mean to be a man after God's own heart?

It's someone who knows the desires of God’s heart and carries out His will.


How did David receive THE revelation of God’s heart?


And these days and nights that David spent before the LORD from an early age, prepared David for the assignments, trials, and persecutions that would soon come.

This history of knowing with great confidence WHO GOD IS was helpful when the crowds cheered his name and David gave God all the glory for his successes, and what caused David to run barefoot and in tears to the Mount of Olives to worship God when his son Absalom betrayed him. (II Samuel 15, Psalm 3)

In every high and in every low, David ran to Adonai.

David found peace, safety, and protection in the presence of God through prayer and praise.

David knew that the promise given to Abraham in Genesis 15:1 applied to him too: The LORD is my shield.

This is just so powerful.

This was just the beginning of our conversation last night, but here are two big kingdom keys we learned about last night:

    • When things are going perfectly or when all your plans fail...PRAISE!
    • When you feel surrounded by troubles on every side...SING! DANCE!
    • When you're so close to a victory or hiding in Him...PRAY!
  • 🔑 Quench the fiery darts of the enemy with the shield of faith!
    • Declare the TRUTH of who God is and allow Him to shield you on every side.


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