How to Prosper...God's Way and in any season.



Have you felt completely disillusioned by the type of year 2020 actually turned out to be? 

What if I told you that even in the midst of the chaos, sickness, and division that God is still moving among His people?

Let me show you how studying the life of King Hezekiah can lead you to live a prosperous life that pleases the LORD, no matter what is going on in the world around you. 

In this free 5-Week Bible study series, we'll search the Scriptures to answer:

  • What was it about King Hezekiah that caused favor and prosperity to flow in every area of his life?
  • What habits did he practice?
  • How did Hezekiah respond to enemy threats or when facing a terminal illness?
  • And more! 

You've tried it your way.

Are you ready to surrender to God's way? 

Yes, I'm ready to turn this year around and start 2021 trusting God more!